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1078848_10205374772944242_8688009870727201170_oHi, I’m Daniel, a licensed nurse and a wedding photographer.

I love capturing natural emotions and moments against a beautiful backdrop such as nature or ruins that stood the test of time. Giving my subject the attention it deserves, my style is minimalist using natural light. 

My signature aesthetic is clean, minimalist, relaxed and candid. I believe that the simplest photos are often the most beautiful; it gives you a sense of wonder.

Few things about me . . .

I play drums. I had my first drum set when I was in 6th grade. I love to cook, and my favorite is caldereta. I choose pizza over pasta. I also love Japanese cuisine. I think I mastered the art of making Japanese maki in college. Hmm, yes! And I like to drive.

My innate interest in photography started early during the time when I was traveling abroad with my family. My first hundred shots were taken using a compact camera owned by my sister; I’d take photos and try to be experimental. I got my first DSLR as a graduation gift from my father, and this is when my adventure began as a photographer.


I was working as a pediatric nurse for a year and it was amazing, until I started to see things in a different light when I had become an apprentice to one of the finest wedding photographers in the country. Nursing was my calling and the feeling when you save someone’s life is amazing, but it is in photography where I have discovered my other purpose. It fuels me to do better when people genuinely appreciate my craft. I knew then that photography will undoubtedly make me happy and drive me passionately insane. They say when you are passionate about something, you’re more than willing to take risk, and so I left my job as a nurse and went full time as a photographer.

My interest in wedding photography started when I attended a wedding of our family friend. It is where I met my first mentor who honed my skills and generously shared his knowledge. The rest is history.

A typical day for me is . . .

Cleaning the house, doing the laundry. Yes, I’m pretty much domesticated. My parents taught me how to be responsible and independent. I think about life and set goals. I love watching motivational videos on YouTube. I also run regularly to keep myself fit.

Future Goal . . .

I would love to travel and shoot around the world.  I’d also love to teach and become a mentor one day, to help aspiring wedding photographers to follow their dreams.

Daniel Talavera Photography Daniel Talavera Photography Daniel Talavera Photography Daniel Talavera Photography

Daniel Talavera began as a hobbyist photographer and jumpstarted his career in photography as an apprentice to a famous professional wedding photographer and as a back-up photographer to various wedding studios. After a year, he decided to go on his own. And, this is where his adventure starts...
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